Snowboard Level Chart

At Pro Ride Snowboard Camps we pride ourselves at being able to cater for any ability level regardless of riding standard. Camp is all about progressing your level and having fun. Below is a guide in picking the correct camp program.

Level Ability Program
1 You can Ride the chairlift, make controlled turns and stops on green runs, but still fall down often. Custom Program - Email Us

You feel confident while making controlled turns on green runs.

You are attempting blue runs, but not feeling comfortable yet.

Custom Program - Email Us

You are riding most blue runs, and carving on easy green runs.

You are attempting small jumps, and challenging yourself.

Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor

Comfortable on blue runs. You are starting to carve more, and adventuring onto black runs.

You are consistently landing on small jumps, and can "ollie".

Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor.
5 Blue runs are easy for you. Black runs are still a bit of a challenge. Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor.

Enjoy challenging yourself on black runs, and can ride moguls on blue runs.

You are starting to do grabs, and you may be able to "air out" of the halfpipe.

Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor.

You are confident on black runs, steeps, and trees.

You ride fast in all conditions and are learning to spin off jumps.

Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor.
8 You are riding in competitions and getting sponspred. Freeride, Freestyle, Instructor.
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