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Thank you again for scheduling this Karen! Had a wonderful time, looking forward to next time :)

Best Regards,

George, Feb 2022 USA

Thank you for everything in the past two weeks, I had a great time. Please pass my gratitudes to Alex, Danielle, Tim and Vince. Keep in touch and hopefully we’ll meet again! 


Anna Jan 2022, Australia

Dear Karen & Pro-ride Team,

I am glad to have the opportunity to learn from you all  (Alex, Tim, Kelsey, Lisa, Ross, and You) who are very patient, knowledgeable, willing to share at any time and being helpful and thoughtful at all times during my camp time and after as well. I truly believe me passing level 2 is based on luck and all of the help I got from the Pro-ride team. The encouragement and support make me able to get the improvement I needed for the exam. I love the video analysis Tuesday which has greatly improved my riding and teaching.

I will keep working on it, hopefully, I can get an instructor job in the coming winter and someday ride with you all again will a better skill and an opportunity to learn from you all again.

Wish you all continue to have a great season.

Keep in touch!!

Louis Li, Hong Kong Jan 2020

Dear Karen & Pro Ride Team, 

On behalf of Emma, Joel and I, we would like to thank you for what was an incredible week in Canada. Your trainers are friendly, energetic and so patient. 

Alex provided us with many laughs and took us beyond what we thought was our comfort zone, allowing us to progress at a much faster rate. As they say, you will not grow if you are always comfortable, growth occurs outside of that zone. He is an excellent trainer with a great sense of humour. 

Although Tim spent most of his time with the advanced group, he was extremely helpful when it came down to the fundamental basics of snowboarding. Sharing his extensive experience with us all and a beer at the end of the day, Tim is that snowboarder we just all want to become. 

Lisa assessed our skill set and used what we already had, to work with. We were so grateful for her continuous patience and encouragement each day. She used her local knowledge to show us the secret tracks and hidden gems of Whistler and this by far was the highlight of our trip. We had such a great time exploring with her and adored her kind and gentle nature. 

Our final day was nothing short of ‘Fun’ as noted as Friday Funday on the schedule... Alex’s wise words to the brave were once again in the lime light as we made our way up to one of the largest runs we had done all week. Charlies infectious humour and bubbly personality kept us laughing the entire way back down. He made sure we were putting all the skills we had learnt throughout the week into every turn, jump and track we did, all whilst laughing at anything and everything he had to say. 

We are so grateful to have had such an amazing team show us Whistler and all of its beauty. Thank you Karen for ensuring our trip to Whistler was as care free as possible from your end. 

We are truly grateful and hope to be back shredding powder with you all soon. 

Holly Smith, Australia Jan 2020

Just on my way back to Brazil. Thanks again for everything, had a really good two weeks and really eager to spend more time on my board next season.

I’d love to join the Japan trip in 2020, 

Many thanks and best wishes,

Ciaran Woods, Brazil Jan 2020

Hey Karen, Christina and we are about to leave and hit the road.  But this was great, Romy and I both had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. It’s great to know you and all these awesome people, we really look forward to come back again, and will spread the word around of this awesome awesome camp! Thanks again for everything and happy holidays! <3

Lu Jin, San Francisco Dec 2019

Thank you very much again Karen! Its been an amazing week and really wish i could spend more time here! Very grateful of all the help from you and the other coaches. Will make sure i get to practice and solidify the skills i learnt here and maybe come again some season later! Have a great Christmas and season

Sonic Loo, Hong Kong Dec 2019

Hi Karen. Gillian and I leave whistler in the am. I want to thank you again for everything - the camp, the people, the coaches and yourself - what an awesome experience

Darren Bond, Australia Feb 2019

I just want to take the time and say thank you. The Japan trip was Awesome had a great time. Tim’s a great guide and caring as you would know. Ski Japan were amazing there services is second to two, (pro ride first) . The house was very well presented heaps of room and storage. Thank you again.
I will be in Whistler in March for two weeks so looking forward to that.

Ed Parks, Australia

Pro Ride has become such an integral part of my journey of self-evolvement and has given me a new lease on my thoughts, actions and priorities for the future, it has given me confidence, strength and new friendships. I believe my riding has substantially improved and would like to think I look much better shredding than I did at the start!

So much thanks to the instructors who coached and had so much fun with along the way Tim, Joel, Lance, Vincent, Alan, Pete, Dan, Terra, Dom and Duncan. My biggest thanks however goes to Karen, owner, boss, general big cheese and coach of Pro Ride, you rock! You certainly are the pillar that holds and pulls it altogether. Organised, professional, fun, relentlessly hardworking, amazing Mum, and friend. I have met some strong women in my time but I have got to say I think you win.

Congratulations on 20 years of Pro Ride, what an achievement. I can’t wait to return and ride the majestic mountains of Whistler with such an amazing group of people again. Thank you x

Janine Seymour, Australia Jan 2018

Hi Karen

Thank you and your team for another fantastic time really enjoyed myself.

See you next time.

Ed Parks, Australia March 2018

Hi Karen,

Thank you for organising the trip, I had an amazing time and will hopefully do it again.  

Thanks again for accommodating our heliboarding on the last day, it was epic



Mamdouh Elomar Australia Feb 2018


Thanks for taking care of me this week. I had a lot of fun. 

I want to say that both Tim and Duncan were wonderful coaches for me. I appreciated having Tim for 4 days and then Duncan for the last two.

Overall Feedback: I really appreciated the FreeStyle class ratio 1:4. Sometimes we even had more than 1 instructor. This allowed people to get more dedicated attention. I super appreciated having the 1:1 attention with Duncan. It really propelled my riding to the next level. It's during the session with Duncan that the lessons from Tim really came together from earlier in the week. It's like the puzzle pieces finally clicked. This is exactly what I had hoped to achieve this week.

Also, the accommodations were nice. It would have been great to know in advance that there is laundry on premise. Otherwise, rock on! 

I will definitely consider coming back to Pro-Ride in the future. Perhaps give myself a season or two to work out the things I learned and incorporate into my riding.



Vincy Li, USA Dec 2017

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know that I picked up my Whistler staff pass yesterday and finalized all the paperwork to be a snowboarding instructor. 

I can’t thank you and the other Pro-ride coaches enough for the coaching and for the contact which helped me with this employment opportunity. You guys made last season amazing for me and I’m looking forward to build on that this year. 

Kindest regards,

Ashley Harling Australia, March 2017

Hi Karen ,

A special thank you to yourself, Tim and Terra as well as the rest of the team for the free ride week. My time could not have been better with the amazing powder conditions. The team exposed us to back country, knocked out my bad habits significantly improving my technique and self awareness. As a snowboard camp, I recommend pro ride!


Omar Biag UK, March 2017

Pro ride is an amazing experience, you have some of the best freestyle/freeride coaches In the world at your finger tips. I rocked up to the pro ride camp (Brio house) solo, I wasn't really sure what the camp was going to be like or whether I'd make some new mates. But after being on the camp I can say it turned out to be the best snowboarding trip I'd ever taken. I had made some life long friends and Karen is super nice and friendly. If you're reading this and you are a beginner to freestyle and have never tried a 180 or freeride off piste the coaches are all really nice and will walk you through the technique to the tricks and help you improve your technique until you nail it or if you are experienced in the park these coaches can help you dial in your 7's/backflips/wildcats whatever level you're at. So if you're pondering whether to try it out... do it. If you want to make some new friends and get coached by the best of the best then this is definitely for you. 

From Pete the happy camper 

P.s. I had never landed a 3 before this camp nor did I spend much time in the park as my confidence was pretty low in the park... I am now glued to the park.

Peter Grant UK, Feb 2017

Pro-ride makes you feel like you are part of a really fun and inclusive snowboarding family thanks to the way Karen and the coaches run things.

I passed my casi level 2 thanks to Pro-ride and i would recommend them to anyone who is looking to train to be an instructor, get better at snowboarding or just to make snowboarding even more fun! All the coaches are really amazing snowboarders and teachers. If you don't know the mountain well, they will take you to some really sweet spots and they can also improve your freestyle and freeriding even if you are already at a fairly advanced level. Every chance you get to ride with head coach Duncan is a privilege as you can learn so much from him and his snowboarding is completely flawless. Most of my lessons were with Terra and she is an amazing instructor - she taught me how to better analyse my own and other peoples snowboarding which not only improved my own riding but also my ability to teach effectively. I also had great lessons from Tim, Kelsey, Lance & Alan.

If you want a great winter in the best place in the world (Whistler), i can't recommend Pro-ride enough.

Verity Eyre UK, Feb 2017

Dear Karen

I'd like to thank you for the time and effort you, Duncan and lance put in to help me progress in my snowboarding, it means a lot to me and I am now confident and able to make the most of my time here in whistler 

Thank you again and best wishes 

Alex Hopper, Australia Feb 2017

Hi Karen! We are back in Vancouver. It was hard to leave Whistler,  we had such a great time. Thank you so much for everything.  ProRide is awesome. All of the coaches are so professional and really really good in teaching so that we could bring our skills up on a higher level!  We definitely will come back! 

Karoline & Ben Germany, Feb 2017
Pro-Ride has put together a great program. The coaches are world class! The attention to detail and the precise feedback I received were key to my improvement. ...My confidence and competence has jumped a few levels. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience immersing myself in Whistler with such amazing coaches and also wonderful camp mates. I've made life long friends who are just as passionate. I can't wait to stay longer (did 4 weeks) and get both my Level 1 and 2 CASI certification
Boreth Nep, USA Jan 2017

Thanks Karen! I had a blast and will definitely return in the near future. I will be putting all the new skills I learned to use on the mountain here.
Cheers Tammy


Tammy Yan USA, Jan 2017

Hi Karen,

Thank you guys so much for an awesome time while I was over there at Christmas, I really did have an awesome time and am so please with the progress I made.  I see from everyone's social media that everyone's still having a great time, if only I could have stayed longer.

Wishing the whole team a good season (and congratulations to Kelsey)

Helen Read, United Kingdom Jan 2017

I just want to thank you for 2 fantastic weeks in Whistler, it was one of the best ski holidays I have had. The Pro ride team was so professional in everything over my entire stay, you made everything just so easy. The instructors were so professional and I learnt so much in just 2 weeks, special mention to Duncan and Tim, those 2 were fantastic. I will definitely be back again, next time with some friends, I have already told a few of friends back home and they want to do it. Hopefully I can sort out or be back next season.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

Scott Parker, Australia Dec 2016
Took the plunge and spent 12 weeks doing the instructor course last year. Glad I decided on pro ride. All the coaches, Duncan, kellsey, Tim, Terra and all the r...est were great. The level of teaching was amazing and they all know the terrain so well you really get to know the mountain in their company. Karen has done an amazing job of making it feel like you're part of an extended family. Going to miss the pizza at cinnamon bear and the Saturday cook offs in the brio house.
Stephen Paterson UK, December 2016

I just wanted to say I had a great time with you. All the coaches were great, special thanks to Duncan , Tim and Vince. I really learnt a lot and put it all into practice for the 2 weeks with my family.

I have fallen in love with Whistler and can’t imagine any reason why I won’t be back next year. 

Thanks once again!

Tony Jones March 2016, UK

I have to let you know what a wonderful time I've had!  You gave me way more than I bargained for, that's for sure.

I learned that the line between freeride and freestyle is way thinner than I thought it was. I never in my life thought about doing jumps and tricks and I most definitely did not have the courage or mindset to have a go at freestyle terrain. I stuck to my comfort zone on the groomers.  But, somehow, after the first week the coaches (BIG thanks to Duncan, Tim, Terra, Kelsey and Vinnie) had me popping of rollers and small sidehits and week two they had me doing 180s on the slopes and going on my first park laps. Duncan told me: "You're a park kids now"!

So, I had to come back for more. This last week with coaches Duncan and Tim have really pushed my riding to a new level. I'm throwing my self of stuff I never thought I'd have the courage to do - sometimes landing it, sometimes not so I dust of the snow, laugh it off and try again. Getting into that mindset is definitely one of the more valuable things I'm taking home with me.  

So, Karen: thank you so much for this experience. I can't imagine the work goes in to running an operation like Proride but I'm so happy you're doing it! And I'm thoroughly pleased with your smooth organization of everything and the overall quality of the camp. Definitely keep up the good work!


Henriette Holmgaard Jan & March 2016, Denmark

Snowboarding since 12 y.o I always strove to learn as much as i can about this wonderful sport and since a certain point in time i began to find myself drawn especially to the instructive part of it.  My romance with pro-ride started at 2007 and I'm lucky to have found the right place to expend my knowledge beyond what is needed to pass certain exams.

No question left unanswered, no tactic left unexplored. the wonderful instruction stuff did all they could so i could have the best teaching foundation possible. it was that good that i even came back for more!

Now, after passing my level 2 CASI exam in only 4 weeks of training i was able to become a part of the ski & snow school at Grandvalira Andorra, doing what i love the most for a living and a whole lot thanks to Pro-ride.

Thanks for everything!

Tomer Kronberg, Israel Feb 2016

Thanks Karen!
Had a great time here in Whis !
Special thanks to yourself and Duncan and all the other pro ride team. Everything has been sweet!  Looking forward to returning next season.

Stuart Adams Feb 2016, Australia

Thanks Karen! It's been such a pleasure, amazing experience! Thank you for having me at Pro Ride!!

Hope you enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family and pro ride team!!!

Eugeniya Mudrich, Dec 2015

I'm gonna be going home a really beat up man......

Duncan and the team have done an excellent job in driving me to the ground. I'm most thankful!

Carlos Rivera December 2015, USA

Just wanna say thanks for being really helpful and awesome, over these past 3 months. I've had the time of my life out here and achieved what I set out to do, which is hugely down to the Pro Ride team, so I would like to ask you to say thanks to everyone on the team for me. This trip was great and will recommend it to anyone I meet for sure, I'm sure I'll be back to Whistler at some point. So thanks again for everything.

Marcus Green March 2015, UK

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed pro-ride.  With everything I learnt and the enthusiasm from the coaches, especially Lisa, its’ been a long time since I was this excited for an upcoming Aussie season. Thanks again for all your help, it really was a great experience.

Michael Woods Feb 2015, Australia

I just really wanted to say how amazing the 3 weeks with proride was :) I had no idea what to expect with the camp, but was the best decision I have made to come (and stay longer!) I have gained so much more confidence and skills with snowboarding and I cant even explain how obsessed I am with park now :)

The proride team are so amazing! Every day on the mountain I learnt something new and had so much fun! It's such a family environment and was so much fun spending time with you guys and the campers-all such incredible people.   I'll hopefully see you guys again.. as I would love to do another camp! I cannot wait till I can strap in again (especially on my new board!) 

Thanks again for an incredible experience,


Amanda Holmes January 2015, Australia


I definitely had a great time, your teachers are top notch and always come up with some fun stuff even when the conditions are less than perfect.

Philipp Mueller January 2015, Maui USA

Thanks Karen Proride and the rest of the team for such an amazing week! I've learnt a lot, met a huge bunch of incredibly talented people, and had some belly hugging laughs! until next time

Siggy Sawdon January 2015, Australia

Hi Karen,

Thanks for organizing our trip.  We had a great time.  You’ll likely see us back in a few years.  I hope you have lots of snow for the rest of the season, and very little cold temps.


Blythe Mahaney December 2014, Canada

My first camp with Pro Ride was a very great experience.  The coaching given for both freestyle and freeride was outstanding! I consider myself an expert at Big mountain riding , But Duncan was still able to point out a few things that greatly improved my overall riding . He also coached me to better my skills in the park,  Thanks to his great coaching I was able to progress doing spins off Medium to Large and Large to XL features.  Pro Ride is very organized, very friendly, very accommodating and I would recommend them to anyone of all skill levels.

Thanks A lot  

Mitchell Stagg December 2014, Alberta Canada
just a quick email to let you know that I made it down to Vancouver. Thanks again for having me back here. it was a blast! I wish all the pro ride crew a great rest of the year.
Josh Gray December 2014, Canada

THANKS for everything! I had a wonderful time with proride :)  It was better than all expectations. I hope I can come back next year for so long again.

Caren Strote April 2014, Germany

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the coaches for another great holiday. Despite the best efforts of Heathrow Airport, I thoroughly enjoyed myself - hopefully next year I'll make it there and back without any dramas.
Now all I need to do is devise a way of getting a 4 week trip in, as a fortnight just doesn't seem enough.
All the best.

Calum Spencer March 2014, UK

Hi Karen,

Wanted to let you know that I had a great week riding with Tim and Duncan. Definitely some great coaching, encouragement and confidence building provided by the guys. I was able to hit bigger jumps and park features that I usually wouldn't do if I was by myself. (Mini Hollywood, U-box, pyramid box, battleship box and even onto the dance floor!)



Karim Michael March 2014, Australia

Big thanks to Karen, Duncan, Tim, Lisa, Alan and other instructors sharing their wisdom and helping to get my riding to the next level! From level 1 instructor to shredding pow in Mt Baker to huckin backies in 7th heaven, truly unforgettable! Cheers to all campers for awesome chillin and riding times, you will be missed. Thank you whistler, hope to make it back next season!

Adriaan De Belder Feb 2014, Belgium

I just want to thank Karen, Duncan, Lisa, Tim and everyone else who helped me have the time of my life in whistler this year! My snowboarding has improved beyond what i thought was possible in an 8 week period, and my confidence just as much!

The people I met this year were amazing, and it is incredible to spend a winter living in the resort with a group of people all with the same passion as myself.

I achieved my CASI level 1, and learnt the ride powder, steeps, trees and park. 

The only regret i have is not booking the 12 week course!

I was extremely hesitant to book this trip before i did, and if you you are having any second thoughts, DON’T. It is the time of your life.


Scott Clements Feb 2014, Australia

Thank You to you for organizing this trip for us. It is a wonderful trip and we all learn a lot. All the instructors are very nice and helpful, especially Lisa, she is a wonderful teacher for our "beginners". Just a pity for us that we cannot stay longer. We will definitely come back next season.

Rebecca Chan Jan 2014, Hong Kong

Just want to thank Pro Ride for the last 3 weeks. Awesome riding and meeting everyone, will see you soon.

Travis Brown Jan 2014, Australia

Hi Karen,

I would just like to say a big thank you for organising the camp. Tana had a great time, it was a really good experience for him. He may be back in the future as he hasn’t stopped talking about it since coming home

Warm regards,


Louise Starkey Dec 2013, New Zealand

Dear Karen 

Thank you so much for an awesome time. Can't say enough about Pro-Ride. When I returned home I think I literally had Pro-Ride withdrawal (I'm sure the rest of the campers will agree) The coaches were so AWESOME!!! They were so positive, fun, energetic, and had so much knowledge and love for snowboarding. I worked with Lisa for most of camp and she was super. She taught me so much about the physical and mental aspects of snowboarding. I also wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful camp. Please pass on my regards to the Pro-Ride family. Thanks again. I hope to be back next season.


Jane Uh

Jane Uh Dec 2013, Korea

Thanks to Pro Ride and the coaches for a great time in Whistler. I had great fun and learnt a lot during my time at Pro ride. I will definitely recommend Pro Ride, if you want to improve your snowboarding.    

Best regards 

Theis Pedersen, Denmark

Theis Pedersen March 2013, Denmark

Thank you so much for the incredible experience I had with Pro Ride! I loved every second of my season in Canada, Whistler is such an amazing place. The training and coaches at Pro Ride were of a very high standard, and I feel like I learned more than I ever thought I would be capable of. My Whistler experience was about so much more than snowboarding though... Pro Ride made me feel like part of a 'family' from the first day I arrived in Canada, I met some very interesting people and made some great friends for life. I couldn't recommend it it enough!!!

Bianca Brewer Dec 2012, Belgium

Hi Karen & Duncan,

Just a quick email to thank you for arranging the Japan trip and to Duncan for his coaching, guiding and for pushing me over a few drops which I haven't done in a while.

Also thank you to whoever arranged the snow for us. It was an amazing trip - great accommodation and crew,  unbelievable snow - riding powder day and night.

Spent a couple of days exploring Tokyo on the way back without getting too lost, now home and back to work.  Well only for 4 days before my trip to France which I think will be pretty dull in comparison.

David Pearl Japan Trip 2013, UK

Thanks for the experience with pro ride. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marc Veronese Feb 2103, Australia

"Pro ride camps are without doubt the ultimate snowboard camps. The whole learning experience was both inspirational and fun and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. I will be back next year for sure.  The week was the best snowboarding I've done"

Jon Adams Feb 2013, UK

Pro Ride was probably the best decision I have made in the last few years. Telling everyone I know that they need to ride with you guys. I was at a plateau with my riding where I was losing interest and did not think I would push past it. That problem is well solved now. Even convinced my daughter to hike for powder turns yesterday and she is now hooked (on skis still but we will solve that later).

Kelly Amsbry Feb 2013, USA

Thanks to all the instructors at Pro Ride. My 15yr old son has just completed the Freeride clinic and had the time of his life. I am sure he will be back next year. Thanks for everything

Tom Ryan Feb 2013, UK

Farewell Whistler - the most incredibly beautiful place I have ever been too. We had a wonderful affair despite the black eye. I will miss waking up to the sounds of artillery causing man made avalanches because you are covered with so much fresh powder and subsequently carving you up, seeing adorable little kids in their snow get up and often enviously watching them put my ability to shame, smashing out freestyle tricks in the terrain park, riding your insane terrain (especially at crazy speeds), backcountry jumps day and the amazing coaches from camp who, despite my occasional tantrums and frustrations, encouraged me to keep pushing myself

Rhiannon Malone Jan 2013, Australia

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the week with you guys in Whistler.  I was mostly with Duncan for the week and he was a really cool guy who pushed me to do some things I wouldn't normally do, so while I spent only a week there I came away with something really valuable I think!  You guys also run a very warm and welcoming show that made my first trip to Whistler easy and fun!

I can't wait to get back to Whistler next season!

Thanks again,

Andrew Hough Dec 2012, Australia

Thanks to the amazing coaches of pro ride, i was able in 12 weeks to get all the credentials i need for working in a ski school. 

All the instructors of pro ride give a sence of extreme fun combined with technical riding.

The brio house is not just a place to chill out after a hard day. Thanks to the highly educated residents of the house, that come from all over the world, i was able to lurn history, geogrephy, political sinece ect. Of countries like austrailia, canada, italy, belgium, germany and chile.

I would personaly recomend pro-ride to anybody that likes snowbording, no matter your level of riding. Just do it!

Julian Gidron Dec 2013, Israel

AAA+++ Camp, The best coaches, so much fun and I learnt so much. Great house to live in and really well organised.One of the best experiences of my life. The best way to improve your snowboarding no matter what your level!!

Russell Timmins Feb 2012, Australia

Hi Karen

I wanted to thank you & pro-ride coaches for the greatest time I had in Whistler))) I really enjoyed my stay.  Feb 2012

Marina Vorontsova Feb 2012, Russia

Just a note to say thank you and all the coaches for an amazing two weeks, for your patience on the first day with me, for the level of instruction and the general excellent running of the camp.

I am planning to return for 3 weeks next year, 4 weeks if I am able to save enough.

Barry Scott January 2012, UK

Hello Pro Ride Crew, just sending you a note and say thanks again for taking care of us the week of the 10th when we were in town for the camp. Please give our regards to Duncan, Lisa, and Tim. They were great. I hope that we are able to come back soon, and if we do, I won't complain about being sore; that was weak on my part. :)

Happy New Year and take care!

Brad McGowan Dec 2011, USA

Hi Karen, we just wanted to say Thank You for organising the program for Tom, he's returned home having had  wonderful time, and we're really proud of him having passed his CASI 1 course with such good grades. We appreciate your efforts at such short notice, we were really impressed by your prompt attention and will be happy to pass recommend Pro Ride in future. We're now looking at how to organise his return trip.....

Thank you once again!

Andrew and Frances Rothwell Jan 2012, UK

My riding has improved one hundred percent thanks to you guys, and pro ride has been in the back of my mind, especially when I get a really good shred on.

Gabi Szinegh 2011, Canada

A quick note to say thanks for the last 2 weeks of Pro Ride. 

Coaching by the instructors was the best I have ever received. The individuals chosen to represent the sport including Duncan, Lisa, Tim and Neil among others, not only are highly skilled in the art but have a high personal standard also, the best i've ever encountered in the sport in a teacher/ student capacity.

I'm still trying to wipe the smile off me face and did not want to leave one bit.I thought i liked the sport plenty, but its taken on a whole new perspective now. If only i had undertaken Pro Ride sooner. 

Cant wait for round 2

Carl Eather Dec 2011, Australia

If it weren't for the expert level of tuition and constant feedback on my progress at the 12 week camp I attended, then there is no way (in my opinion) I would of attained both my level 1 and 2 CASI certifications. I am very grateful to Pro Ride.

Mark Shurville, England

Thank you all for everything during my training this year. I am a completely different rider thanks to you guys. I would have never imagined the progress I made because of the Pro Ride coaching staff. Thank you guys.

Anthony Rizzo, USA

Thanks for an awesome time in Canada, I've learned more this year than all my years combined and I've had the time of my life.

Keep up the great camp, it was a blast being there and learning new stuff + I've had so many friends that want me to teach them to snowboard now, so I will have a lot more friends to go snowboarding with all thanks to you :)

Couldn't have done it without you and your awesome camp!

Bjorn Key, Denmark

After training and playing hard with the Pro Ride coaches my riding improved 200%. The training gave me confidence to try new skills that would have taken years to develop on my own. I will definitely be back.

Martinique Deveroux, USA

Pro-Ride is an awesome concept, without doubt the best way I have found to improve my riding, and great value too. I can't recommend you highly
enough and hope to come back again some time in the future.

Dan Hayden Australia

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thanks for the time I spent with pro-ride. I had an amazing time and hope to be able to come out again next season. I learnt so much and hope to be able to put it all into practice again when I go to Europe at the end of this season.

Jemma Chapman, UK

I wanted to thank you guys for everything you've done for me with Pro Ride and out of Pro Ride. Looking back on old pictures and videos througout the season...I have seen a massive amount of progression with my riding and it was only over a span of the 4 week program and 3 months of riding! It feels damn and the coaches have pushed me towards everything I have wanted to do in snowboarding and I know I will never find a group of people or a camp like the Pro-Ride crew. Thanks again!

Andrea Clark, USA

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank you for the time i spent with you guys - I had a really good time and learnt loads, the people and the coaches were so fun to ride with and I'm definitely going to try and come back out next season.

Stewart Moore, Hong Kong

This is just a quick message to say thanks for making our holiday exceptional we have progressed further in the 8 days with you guys than we have over 20 days of lessons in europe over the past 3 years

John and Vanessa Evans, Australia and UK

I just wanted to thank you for everything throughout my time at Whistler i know i only did a week program but i never thought i could learn so much in that time.

Jessica Anders, Australia

We had incredible moments in Whistler along with the Pro-Ride crew. We enjoyed so much all the time spent with the Pro-Ride staff.

It was simply amazing!! We came in from an awfull start for our trip but things came back into place once we began the clinic. Everything was lovely from start to end!!

Personally, I had more contact with Lance, Alan, Dave and Luke. All of them are great coaches and fun to hang out with!

I would like to forward my special thanks to Lisa, who had the patience to break down my video analysis. I can't stress enough what she did to my riding!! I have been practicing every single day all the aspects she called my attention to!! It has made an amazing difference! All my friends in Snowmass told me how I had changed my style and progressed my riding! This with just one week riding with you guys!!

Mauro and Paola Andrade, Brazil

Just a quick email to thank you for the 5 weeks of clinics I spent with Pro-Ride this year. You really improved my confidence riding the steeps, trees & I maybe even starting to enjoy the drops - the local snowdome is going to seem very flat over the summer. I look forward to next season & hope to be back in Whistler with Pro-Ride again.

Dave Pearl, UK