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Snowboard Workouts

Strength Building Exercises

Snowboarding requires strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance. The following exercises are some that have proven to be useful over the years to keep our Pro Ride Team in shape and prepare us for the long winters.

Beginner Workout

The Beginner snowboard workout aims to focus on overall body strength and stability while controlling movements to train muscles with correct technique. It allows the body to adjust safely in a slower motion and introduces balance along with proprioception into the physical routine which are essential skills to have when transitioning to a snowboard...

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Intermediate Workout

The Intermediate workout introduces co-ordination, agility, rotation of the body and plyometrics to build muscular endurance and prevent injury. Rotation of the torso is mandatory when on a snowboard, this workout incorporates exercises to help create a solid core to assist with flexibility and strength in movement...

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Advanced Workout

The most challenging workout helps develop explosive movement for advanced manoeuvres on the board incorporating power and rotation alongside a solid upper body and core. It helps to absorb high impact falls and unexpected movement when snowboarding, giving your body less chance of being injured, or the ability to prevent further damage to an injury that already exists...

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Snowboard Stretches

Our snowboard specific stretch routine was designed to keep you loose in the areas that typically get stiff from a day on the mountain. It is also great way to finish off all of our recommended workouts. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: These are just a suggestion of exercises which we have found useful for our own training. If you are unsure as to how to perform an exercise or are worried about your fitness we recommend that you visit your local gym and have a program designed for you.