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Trick Tips

Choosing the right snowboard boots

Buying comfortable snowboard boots is so crucial and often overlooked process. The snowboard boots you choose can either make or brake your time on the hill. We have written this guide to give you the knowledge to pick the right snowboarding boots the first time.

Snowboard boots should be a snug fit but they also shouldn’t cause pain. They are going to need several days of riding to truly form to your feet which is why boots should be frim when they are brand new.

Choosing the right snowboard Part 1

The season is upon us.  The annual buyers guide has hit shelves, there are shiny new decks hitting the stores and you’re board isn’t looking at spritely as it once was. 

The thought of a new board can add a little extra excitement to the changing of the seasons, but it can also offer added anxiety as well. The following is a general outline of what you may come across while searching for your new ride.  Hopefully this will clear up a few of the questions you may have, so you can head onto the journey of snowboard acquisition armed with knowledge, and insight. 

What board would you take here?

Snowboard Trick Tip Backside 360



Tap front board trick tip

This is a more advanced trick. Once you've become comfortable with front boards on a variety of rails, this is a way of adding a bit of spice.

FS 360 Trick tip.

Frontside 360's are a stapple of freestyle riding. Once learned this trick can open many doors to an endless amout of new tricks.


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